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Marshall DX100 Guitar Amp

Fender Champ110 Guitar Amp

Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amp

Laney VC15 Guitar Amp

Laney RB4 Bass Amp

Carlsbro Cobra K115 Keyboard Amp

Yamaha Digital Piano

Korg Triton Workstation

Yamaha CS2X Synth

Novation KS Rack Synth

Novation A Station Synth

Akai S2000 Sampler

Yamaha A4000 Sampler

Yamaha SU700 Sampling Workstation

Alesis Performance Drum Pads

Pearl 5 piece drum kit with cymbals

Various Percussion


32 Channel Soundtrax Quartz vintage analog desk with semi automation and new Blue Dog power supply.

Carillon Audio Recording computer, custom built with Quad Core, 3 hard drives ( 2 Hdd, 1 SDD) 64G Ram  with RME RayDat 32 in/out interface.

Focusrite Octopre A/D converters (x3) with optical boards fitted.


Adam A77X Three Way Monitors.

Triple P Pyramid Nearfields.


Cubase Pro 8.3

Many high end plug-ins by Waves, IK Multimedia, FXPansion and Sony.


Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip/Compressor.

TC Helicon Voice One

Alesis 3630 Compressor

KK Analog compressor

Boss GX700 Guitar FX

Roland 301 Space Echo

Behringer Optical Compressor

Behringer Noise Gate

Samson 16 channel headphone amp


Neumann U87 (x2)

Blue Reactor

Rode NT2

Rode NT1

Audio Technica 4040 (x2)

AKG D112

SE  2000

T Bone Ribbon

AKG C1000S (x2)

Shure SM57 (x7)

Shure SM58 (x5)

AKG Drum Mic’s

Full Equipment List